125th Anniversary Celebration

Sunday, October 6, 2024

Cherrydale United Methodist Church has been growing in our faith since 1899. All are invited to join us on Sunday, October 6, 2024 at 11:00 am to commemorate our past and celebrate our future! We will have a special worship service followed by a fellowship luncheon.

Let us know you are attending!



Rooted & Growing Campaign

As we approach the 125th anniversary of our church, we are filled with gratitude for the countless blessings that have graced our congregation throughout the years. Our church building stands as a testament to the dedication and devotion of those who came before us. It has weathered storms, hosted celebrations, and provided a haven for spiritual growth. However, like all structures, it requires maintenance and care to remain a safe and welcoming space for all who enter its doors.

In commemoration of our anniversary, we have launched a special fundraising campaign to raise $125,0000 for repairs and upgrades to our church building.  These essential enhancements will not only preserve the integrity of our physical space but also enhance the overall experience for our congregation and community members.

  • Landscaping and Immediate Interior Enhancements to help ensure the longevity and stability of our church building.
  • Safety and Security Improvements to make our church a welcoming and safe place for all of God’s children.
  • Energy Efficiency Upgrades to care for God’s creation and lower long-term operational costs.
  • Reserve Fund to provide for future repairs and enhancements to our church building and grounds.

You can make a contribution online or mail your gift to 3701 Lorcom Lane Arlington, VA 22207.  Together, we can ensure that our church continues to grow in faith for generations to come.